Project Summary:

This massive project includes a 20-acre site expansion of the intermodal facility that serves the Port of Mobile. The expansion will handle imports and exports moving domestically and internationally.

Stormwater Problem

This construction area is built on old dredge material, harvested out of the bay channels. This means the runoff contains sand plus clay, so treatment must consider both. Environmental impact on Mobile Bay must also be considered for this sensitive water source. Without treatment, bacteria, sediment, and litter could contaminate the bay.

Stormwater Solution

Water treatment is being addressed proactively with an aggressive stormwater plan. The owner’s installation of the MS-4 was based on the goal of exceeding current stormwater treatment requirements and taking a long-view of protecting the sensitive area.

An intermodal facility has a large amount of operating equipment, close to the water where sand and sediment wash off. Using the largest size Aqua-Swirl in multiple locations means they can capture and treat water before it returns to Mobile Bay.

“Everything went well on this project and we were able to meet requirements for discharge into the bay. The Aqua-Swirl is large but not when compared to a chamber system. By only having four devices, we kept the project manageable while meeting our goals.

During construction, the Aqua-Swirl meets the permitting needs to treat construction stormwater discharge into the bay, but after the project is complete, the Aqua-Swirls will continue to treat water and remove sediment, trash, and oil prior to discharge into sensitive bay waters.

The AquaShield team was responsive and confirmed our designs. We’ve done quite a few projects with them so we already had an idea of what we wanted. They were helpful as usual.”

Matt Stypula, Engineer, EMHT

Intermodal Facility
Owner:  Alabama State Port Authority

AquaShield Product:  
4 Aqua-Swirl AS-12s

Engineering Firm: 

SJ & L General Contractors

Mobile, AL

July 2015