With a focus on quality and dependability, solutions from Komline are used throughout the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries. From production to the waste stream, Komline provides precise and dependable solutions for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Chemical Processing & Production

The synthesis, production, and processing of chemicals requires precise and dependable solutions. Komline provides solutions for chemical processing from pilot scale to production, and from pre-production to the waste stream

Komline’s extensive experience in thermal processing includes heating, cooling, calcining, reacting, crystallization, and drying of a variety of products, in a variety of conditions. Our tried and tested solutions are precise, controlled, and dependable.

Oil Processing & Filtration

Oil continues to be a key source of energy around the world, and separation, filtration, and thermal processing technologies are key parts of the oil processing industry.

Komline provides a variety of filtration and thermal processing solutions to the oil processing and refining industry. From pilot scale to production, pre-production to the waste stream, Komline has separation, filtration, thermal processing, and installation solutions.

Pharmaceuticals Processing & Production

Precise and dependable solutions are necessary to ensure quality in pharmaceutical production. Komline provides solutions for pharmaceuticals from pilot scale to production, and from pre-production to the waste stream

Komline has provided solutions to the pharmaceutical industry for many decades and continues to be the choice for tried and tested solutions which provide the precision, control, and dependability required for pharmaceutical production.