Certainty through testing, at your site or ours

All our group companies offer rental equipment for field testing or small production runs. Our testing facilities and on-site pilot capabilities are a differentiator from low-cost equipment vendors in the market. We apply lab, pilot, and on-site testing to fully understand a customer’s problems and develop the right solution. As a result, our applications team can bring to bear their decades of experience to test a broad range of customer materials and identify the best process solutions. We are also able to support customers as their process needs change over time.

For instance, Komline-Harn has designed and manufactured numerous pilot systems, including brackish R/O, membrane softening, membrane filtration (micro and ultra filtration) and seawater desalination. From 1,000 gallons per day (GPD) production capacity to over 20,000 GPD, pilot units can be provided to test single elements or full-scale system design utilizing full length vessels in two or three stage configurations. Our understanding of the goals of pilot studies and our experience with the operation of pilot systems makes us uniquely qualified to design and manufacture pilot systems that are reliable, “operator-friendly”, and provide quality data.

Pilot studies are invaluable to establish and optimize design parameters such as feed pressure, recovery, flux, chemical dosages, and recommended cleaning frequencies. Pilot studies may also be necessary to fulfill regulatory requirements such as the EPA Information Collection Rule.