As demand for food grows, so does the need for efficient, effective, and sustainable ways to extract resources from raw products. Komline is a leader in separating these products into their component parts and utilizing the resources produced.

Corn Wet Milling

The products of corn wet milling play a valuable and versatile role in many industries, including food and beverage production, biofuels, and animal feed manufacturing.

Komline supplies equipment for most of the physical separation steps of the corn wet mill process. Experience with every step of this process has been incorporated into many equipment design features to help improve performance and ease maintenance requirements.

Ethanol Processing & Filtration

As the market for renewable fuels continues to expand, so does the need for experience in extracting valuable resources from raw agricultural products.

Komline designs and manufactures solutions for different stages in the production of ethanol, from milling and separation to drying and waste treatment.