• Grinding
  • Honing
  • Lapping
  • Polishing
  • Water Soluble or Oil Coolant

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  • Quick Investment Return

    Savings from increased production, lower maintenance costs and effective coolant re-use, return original investments in a short period.

  • Lower Costs


    Contaminants are removed automatically. Coolant does not have to be discarded due to heavy overload of chips and grit.

    Maintenance: Time and labor savings design of machines facilitates maintenance. Merely empty the conveniently located sludge pan. Replacement of fabric rolls is quick and simple.

  • Increased Production

    Better Finish Control – Efficiency results in fewer rejects related to coolant; reduced downtime for machine cleaning and maintenance.

  • Increased Machine Efficiency

    With clean coolant, abrasives (grinding wheels, abrasive belts, honing stones, etc.,) do not become loaded with waste particles. Dressings or replacement are less frequent. Load-free coolant spray leaves no abrasive deposits on machine surfaces, fixtures, tables and critical working parts.

  • Compact Design

    Requires less floor space. In many cases, the low profile eliminates the need for a pump back.

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