• Grinding
  • Honing
  • Lapping
  • Polishing
  • Water soluble or oil coolant

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  • Key Features

    Quick Investment Return

    • Savings from increased production
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Effective coolant reuse

    Simplified Production

    • Requires less piping and wiring than separate equipment

    Increased Production

    • Efficiency results in fewer rejects related to coolant
    • Reduced downtime for machine cleaning and maintenance

    Increased Efficiency

    • With the clean coolant, abrasives do not become loaded with waste particles
    • Dressings or replacements are less frequent

    Deep Bed Seal Wheel

    • Eliminates bypass of fines
  • Options

    • Magnetic drop in drum for improved filtration
    • Standard chiller with close temperature control of
    • +/- .5°F Ambient Tracking or set point control
    • High pressure spindle pump and bag filter for CBN wheel scrubbing for precision grinding
    • Oil skimmer

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