Project Summary:

The Puckett Downs is a townhome development in Murfreesboro, TN offering amenities like a pool, green space and eco-friendly features. This project was an expansion of the current community.

Stormwater Problem:

In 2008, Murfreesboro adopted new stormwater regulations requiring 80% removal of solids. Because the Puckett Downs development was already master planned, this phase II construction did not have a stormwater management plan in place. The team needed to effectively treat additional runoff created by the expansion without digging up the carefully manicured green areas already developed.

Stormwater Solution:

The Aqua-Swirl achieved the desired result by treating the additional stormwater runoff as a pipe-end solution prior to water being returned to a nearby stream. The Aqua-Swirl provided a single piece of equipment that kept the impact to the community relatively small. In addition, the Aqua-Swirl treats additional water from a secondary source to help Ole South meet the requirements for the amount of runoff water treated.

“This was a retrofit project, but we were able to do the whole thing and meet the city requirements with just one box. It was easy, and a single box meant we could do just one disruption. It was pretty simple and it took less than a day to install. The Aqua-Swirl was huge, but no crane was required. I took the bucket off the backhoe, and after that, I could move the Aqua-Swirl easily. We had prepped the hole the day before, and everything was done in a matter of hours.”

Bill Bobo, Chief Manager

Project Name:
Puckett Downs Phase II
Owner:  Ole South

AquaShield Product:  
Aqua-Swirl AS-13
53” Elliptical
(Largest custom-sized Aqua-Swirl available)

Engineering Firm: 
Site Engineering Consultants

Bobo Construction, LLC

Murfreesboro, TN

January 2015