Project Summary:

As Chattanooga, and many other mid-size cities in the U.S., expands its stormwater regulations, the need for progressive, low impact design (LID) products that treat additional stormwater and reduce runoff is needed.

Stormwater Problem:

Under new regulation, engineers need to show how they are storing rainwater or reducing dirty runoff. This project needed a filter that would look good, fit in a restricted space, and use LID elements.

Stormwater Solution:

Erosion Solutions Installed three Bio-Filter tree boxes on the recently improved roadway, Highway 27. The Bio-Filter™ is a water quality treatment device capable of removing coarse and fine sediment, trash and debris, heavy metals bound to particulate matter, and oil by utilizing elements of pretreatment and biofiltration. In addition, phosphorus removal is enhanced by both plant and biomedia uptake. The modular unit incorporates a trash shelf at the point of entry, a pretreatment chamber for removing coarse sediment, a biofiltration chamber using engineered soil, an internal bypass for high flow conditions, and an outlet chamber prior to discharge.

“The first Bio-Filter that was set took a little getting use to, everything was simple, but heavy! The second one was much easier, the install was simple and only took about 4 hours. Everything was perfect.

I would recommend AquaShield to anyone. They are always helpful and they do great work and deliver great products.”
— Sterling Phillips, Erosion Solutions

Project Name:
Highway 27 Bio-Filters
Owner: City of Chattanooga

AquaShield Product:
(3) Bio-Filter 6.8

Engineering Firm:
Allen & Hoshall

Erosion Solutions

Chattanooga, TN

August 2015