• CBN grinding on various oils


  • Saves Headroom

    It provides higher capacities without the need for larger diameter rotors that increase the height of the housing. This makes it a better choice for applications where headroom or space is limited.

  • Perfect Match With Screw & Belt Feeders

    The rectangular shape of the Komline-Wyssmont Airlock mates better with the feed and discharge flanges of screw feeders and belt feeders, as well as other types of process equipment. The rectangular opening also provides a discharge pattern that evenly distributes the output to conveyor belts and screw feeders. It can readily be adapted to fit pneumatic conveying systems.

  • Reduces Chances Of Bridging In Bins

    Circular or square bin discharge openings are prone to bridging, funnel flow, and segregation. The Komline-Wyssmont Vane-Rotor Airlock rectangular design helps reduce, or even eliminate, these problems by mating up readily with rectangular bin discharge openings.

    The Komline-Wyssmont design includes flexible blades, made of stainless steel or Teflon® strips, to provide a tight fit. The blades are also adjustable and replaceable to compensate for wear.

    The unit is sturdily constructed with heavy duty components for long trouble free service. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and various special alloys.

  • High-Temperature Design Available to 1000°F

    Most airlocks are limited to 300-400°F maximum temperature. Komline-Wyssmont offers a design of the Vane-Rotor Airlock that can operate at even 1000°F. Other modifications can be furnished to meet customers’ special requirements.

  • Standard Features

    • Operating temperature to 600°F
    • Adjustable rotor blades
    • Outboard bearings & stuffing box shaft seals
    • Totally enclosed AC gearmotor
    • Sprocket and chains
    • Driveguard
  • Optional Features

    • Operating temperature to 1000°F
    • Variable speed drive (AC or DC)
    • Explosion proof or Chemical duty motor
    • PTFE non-stick coating
    • Purged bearings or shaft seals
    • Torque limiting devices
    • Safety interlock or driveguard