• Water & Oil based coolant
  • Machining
  • Grinding
  • Lapping
  • Honing
  • Polishing


  • Technology

    The Henry TRVD filtration system with SealTrack™ positive mechanical seals, provides high-clarity filtration for machining, grinding and parts washing applications. The SealTrack™ mechanical seal technology is a means of incorporating a positive side seal on the filter belt, or disposable media, throughout the path within the filter tank. The filter belt is attached to a roller/ hook chain on each side, used for transport/ indexing. This eliminates flight contact and premature wear. This proven technology stays in place during the filter cycle, thus virtually eliminating the potential of chip bypass. With this side sealing system, additional secondary backup filtration is not necessary.

  • Process

    Contaminated fluids enter the rear of the TRVD filter (dirty tank) where heavy particulates settle to the independent full-width drag conveyer, which is located at the bottom of the filter tank. The independent drag conveyor can be ran continuously or intermittently to remove chips from the filter tank. Intermittent operation causes the least amount of wear and allows for optimal drying of chips/ sludge. The fine particulate is drawn to the suspended vacuum box, where fluid is drawn through the filter belt/ disposable media and sent back to the machine/ grinders. The filter/ system pump also provides fluid to the filter’s clean tank. This provides clean fluid to the process during filter indexing.

  • Filtration/Index Cycle

    As the filter operates, the fine particulate is drawn to the suspended vacuum box, this causes a chip cake to build on the filter belt, or disposable media. As the filter cake increases, the flow to the filter/ system pump is restricted, causing the filter to index. The index cycle can be initiated by this restriction (vacuum switch) or a timer. A vacuum break valve is actuated, allowing the filter/ system pump to draw from the clean tank, while maintaining a continuous flow to the process. Vacuum on the filter belt/ disposable media is released and a new section of clean belt/ media is introduced. After completion, the vacuum break valve returns to home position and the filter goes back to normal operation, drawing Fluid through the filter belt/media.

  • Media Options

    The TRVD filter can operate using permanent media (polyester or polypropylene) belt or with disposable media. Permanent filter belts are available down to 10 micron, based on application. Disposable media can be used on top of the permanent media for occasional removal of tramp oils or sub-micron fines. They can also be used continuously where a “carrier” belt will be used to transport the disposable media. Either belt allows for easy installation onto the TRVD’s roller/ hook chain. A typical filter belt takes under 30 minutes to install.

  • System Benefits

    • Permanent belt continuous filtration with the option of disposable media.
    • Patented SealTrack™ positive mechanical seal on belt or paper media virtually eliminates particle by-pass even while indexing.
    • Full-width independent (intermittent on continuous) drag conveyor handles heavy chip loads.
    • Reduced risk of media cutting, tearing or wearing because conveyor does not ride on belt/paper.
    • No manual fastening of belt for ease of installation/ removal.
    • Shorter belt length saves cost and replacement time.
    • In-tank belt return minimizes belt length and drying which can shorten belt life.
    • In-tank belt wash header eliminates floor leaks/drips.
    • Quiescent belt wash area is ideal for settling removal of fines.
    • No special tools required for basic belt and screen installation.