• CBN grinding on various oils


  • Strong But Gentle

    The unique triangular design plates of the rotor provide more strength than pins or fingers to break harder materials without bending or breaking. At the same time, the triangle design provides a gentle scissors-like action with the stationary grid to minimize the production of fines. Due to this same scissors-like cutting action, the Triskelion Lumpbreaker requires lower horsepower motors for most applications. The triangular rotor design effectively captures feed material to ensure continuous material flow.

  • “On Spec” Material Not Affected

    Other types of crushers, grinders and lumpbreakers work all the material that is fed to the machine. However, the Triskelion Lumpbreaker only breaks the material that needs to be broken. Fines and smaller pieces easily flow through the unit while large lumps or chunks are broken. This increases throughput and reduces the amount of fines generated. In cases where the feed material is mostly free-flowing with occasional lumps, the Triskelion Lumpbreaker can fit directly into the product stream without impeding the product flow.

    The Komline-Wyssmont Triskelion Lumpbreaker is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, or special alloys. Heavy duty construction is available for larger, tougher applications.

  • Standard Features

    • Totally enclosed AC gearmotor
    • Sprockets and chain
    • Stationary grid
    • O-ring shaft seals
    • Drive guard
  • Optional Features

    • Variable speed drives (AC or DC)
    • Explosion proof or Chemical duty motors
    • Support stands (to fit over 55 gallon drum)
    • Feed hoppers
    • PTFE non-stick coating
    • Outboard bearings & stuffing box shaft seals
    • Torque limiting devices
    • Hard facing or abrasion resistant coating
    • Purged bearings or shaft seals
    • Safety interlock on drive guard