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Drying Heating Cooling Questionnaire

The data you supply on this questionnaire will be used to develop a recommendation. More complete information yields a more accurate evaluation. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

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Process Objective

What are you interested in?:

Drying Heating Cooling Sterilizing Cooking Calcining

Reacting Melting Desolventizing Other:

How is the feed currently processed:

Project summary and objectives (what is most important?):

Process diagram (sketch) is attached?Yes No

Is material available for testing?: Yes No

Has any testing been done?: None Pilot scale Lab scale Production scale

Results are attached for review? Yes No


Feed Composition and Properties

Chemical Name:
% by Wt Latent Heat
Boiling Pt (°F) Specific Heat
Melting Pt (°F)

Other data (if applicable):

Description (wet cake, slurry, free flowing angle of repose, screen analysis):

How does the moisture appear? Free liquid Chemically bound Surface moisture Internal moisture


Will any harmful vapors or odors be generated when drying? At what temperature?:

Is an inert gas blanket required? Yes No


Process Conditions

Feed: lbs wet/hr lbs dry solids/hr

Operating hours per year:

Bulk density: lbs/ft3

Feed temperature range: ° F

What type of equipment feeds the dryer/processor:

Other comments and data:


Product Characteristics

What are the desired characteristics of the final product?:

Bulk density: lbs/ft3

Desired Product Temperature: ° F

Discharge temperature limit (if any): ° F

Moisture Content: %

The product is: abrasive corrrosive hygroscopic

Other specifications (particle size, dust fraction, screen analysis, etc):

What type of equipment receives the product:

What will be done with the product?

What is the equipment cleaning method:



 What will be used for the heating or cooling medium?:

Steam: available pressure psig
Hot water: available temperature °F
Hot oil: available temperature °F
Cooling water: available at °F

 Electric Power: V Hz Phase


Details and Site Conditions

Materials of construction for process contact parts:

carbon steel stainless steel type

Plant elevation: feet above sea level

Average ambient: Temperature °F % Humdity

Motor service factor required:

Electrical enclosure rating required:

Other specifications:


Please provide us with any additional background information: