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Process Filtration Questionnaire

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Process Objective

Project summary and objectives (what is most important):

What is the present method of separation? (Or, what methods have been investigated or considered?):

Is material available for testing?: Yes No

Has any testing been done?: None Pilot scale Lab scale Production scale


Feed Characteristics

Name of Feed Material and its source:

Composition of Slurry (feed):

Total Solids Concentration (%) by Weight: % , mg/l

Suspended Solids Concentration by Weight: %; or mg/l

Temperature Range:

Bulk density: lb/cu. ft. Viscosity: cps. pH:

Other Feed Characteristics:


Process Rate


Feed Rate: gpm; lbs total/hr, lbs dry solids/hr

Operating Time: hrs/day; days/wk; days/yr


Operating Schedule: batches/day, hrs/batch

Feed Rate: gallons/batch, lbs total/hr, lbs dry solids/hr


Desired Liquid Characteristics after the Separation

What happens to the filtrate after separation?

Desired suspended solids concentration: mg/l

Other desired characteristics:


Desired Solids Characteristics after the Separation

What happens to the cake or "solids" after separation?

Desired Total Solids concentration: %, Cake Density: lb/cu. ft., pH:

Other desired characteristics:


Cake Washing

If the intent of the process is to remove soluble material from the cake, complete the following:

What substance is to be removed by cake washing?

Desired cake purity?

Are there any limits on the amount of wash liquor used?

What may be used as wash liquor?

What happens to the wash liquor after separation?


Please provide us with any additional background information: