Komline-Sanderson's pumping, thickening, dewatering and drying technologies are used to help municipal wastewater (sewage) treatment plants reduce their sludge and biosolids disposal cost.

Vacuum filtration for dewatering, cake washing and clarification has been applied in many industries. Drying, heating and cooling of pastes, powders and granules are efficiently accomplished with the K-S Paddle Dryer and Processor.

Komline-Sanderson's wastewater clarification, sludge dewatering, and sludge drying technologies allow industrial plants to meet their effluent discharge requirements, reduce disposal cost and recover by-products.

Many power plants and other acidic flue gas producers rely on Komline-Sanderson filtration technology for wet scrubber sludge dewatering and the K-S Rotary Atomizer for dry (semi-dry) scrubbers.