Industrial Wasterwater and Sludge

K-S will be exhibiting the following:

  • Process Filtration: Filter, Dewater, Cake Washing, Clarify
  • Thermal Processing: Dry, Heat, Cool, React, Sterilize, Crystalize
  • Environmental Solutions: Pump, Clarify, Thicken, Dewater, Dry

K-S Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters are used for dewatering slurries, cake washing and clarification of liquid products in many industries. The K-S Horizontal Vacuum Filter allows for multiple cake washing stages and can process fast settling materials.

The K-S Paddle Dryer and Processor are used for drying, heating and cooling of pastes, powders and granules. Uniform mixing allows for high heat transfer rates. Low moisture or solvent levels can be achieved in an enclosed process.

Wastewater clarification using dissolved air flotation systems or precoat discharge rotary drum vacuum filters allows industrial plants to meet effluent discharge requirements and avoid costly surcharges.

Sludge disposal costs are greatly reduced by thickening or dewatering. Even hard to handle sludges can be processed with the K-S Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter or Kompress® Belt Filter Press.

The K-S Paddle Dryer has been used to dry a variety of sludges and by-products. Stable marketable free-flowing material is produced using steam or thermal fluid (hot oil) as the heating medium.

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